Sewer Maintenance Division


The Sewer Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department is comprised of a small, dedicated group of men who work to keep Mt. Juliet's sanitary sewer system in prime condition.   This Sewer Maintenance Division repairs and maintains two types of sewer lines. One type of sewer line is called the pressure line. A grinder pump is required for this type of line. A grinder pump forces sewage to the main line.  The other type of line is called a gravity line. This type of line relies on gravity to push the sewage to the main line.  Besides repairing these types of lines, our Sewer Maintenance division inspects and monitors the sewer lines by using closed circuit T.V. equipment, smoke testing, and other methods of practice to find and/or prevent inflow and infiltration.  This division has now implemented a new project - we are now mapping the sewer system by GPS to help identify and keep more accurate records.  




If your sewer should backup into your home, if you should encounter a bad sewer odor, or there is a red light is flashing at the sewer grinder on your house. 

Call Public Works at 773-7957 (Monday - Friday / 8am-5pm)

For After Hours emergencies, please contact Police Dispatch Center at 754-2550

 & they will contact the On-Call Sewer personnel



The supervisor for the Sewer Mantenance Department is Adam Maddux. If you have any questions concerning the Sewer Maintanence Divison, please call 773-7957 or you may email Adam at



Industrial Pretreatment

The City of Mt Juliet/Public Works Department permits approximately 60 Food Service Establishments for wastewater discharge in the City of Mt Juliet sewer system. It is the responsibility of the Industrial Pretreatment Division to monitor the wastewater discharges of these industries through periodic sampling and inspections. The Industrial Pretreatment Division works with local food service industries to detect and solve any compliance problems. When necessary, enforcement actions are taken.

By ensuring the compliance of industries, we maintain the quality of wastewater entering the sewer system. The wastewater is then able to operate at an optimum level, discharge a final effluent that meets state and federal regulations.

Printable copies of pertinent Grease Control and Industrial Discharge forms, can be found here:

City Forms

You may contact the Division and mail forms to:

City of Mt Juliet/Public Works Dept.
71 East Hill Street
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
(615) 773-7957
Attn: Industrial Pretreatment