Our History

The modern day Fire Department of Mt. Juliet was formed in 2013 to provide fire, rescue and emergency medical first response services to the rapidly growing City of Mt. Juliet. Prior to FDMJ's formation, all emergency services in Mt. Juliet were provided by the Wilson County Emergency Management Agency (WEMA). Mt. Juliet had a volunteer fire department in the 1960s and 1970s. That department was eventually absorbed by WEMA in the 1980s. WEMA continues to provide emergency medical transport services in Mt. Juliet and FDMJ and WEMA assist each other through automatic and mutual aid agreements. 

Below is a timeline of some significant events in the modern history of fire protection in Mt. Juliet. 

Twelve volunteer firefighters entered service under a partnership between the City of Mt. Juliet and WEMA. The city equipped each member with turnout gear, SCBA, radio and pager and the members were placed under the operational control of WEMA to supplement staffing. After initial resistance from some WEMA full-time staff, the effort quickly proved its' value by increasing staffing at structure fires. This effort was the brainchild of now Assistant Chief Shawn Donovan, who moved to the area in 2005 and quickly became concerned about the lack of fire suppression staffing in Mt. Juliet. Shawn and former City Manager Randy Robertson overcame many challenges and obstacles to make this program a reality. 

The orginal members included: Brent Dorris; Seth Frost; Brian Robbins; Scott Hammond; Chris Rediker; Billy Boehm; Jeremy Fisher; Dustin Bellegrade; Derek Hyde; Dave MetCalf; Shawn Donovan; and Chris Allen. 

The efforts of Shawn Donovan, former Mt. Juliet resident Sydney Payne and current Vice Mayor James Mannes are largely responsible for the creation of the current FDMJ

  • 2013

07/01/2013: Erron Kinney hired as FDMJ's first Fire Chief and Jamie Luffman hired as FDMJ's first Assistant Fire Chief. 

08/01/2013: Shawn Donovan selected as Volunteer Division Chief; Chris Allen, Dave Metcalf selected as captains.

09/16/2013: FDMJ's Initial 10 career firefighters are hired: Nick Ford (OIC-A), Edrick (Red) Waller (A); Justin Wilz (A); Morris (Mo) Sills (OIC-B), Sonia Lawrence (B), Caleb Roberts (B); Steve Neible, Jessie Quintana (C), Jason Ross (C), Guy Flowers (C) 

09/13/2013: FDMJ entered operational service at 0700. Ladder 111 and Tower 114 were staffed by all-volunteer crews for the first 12 hours. At 1900, career personnel began staffing Ladder 111. 

  • 2014

01/13/2014: FDMJ & WEMA responded to a working house fire on Ashmore Court (C Shift); Captain Allen arrived minutes after dispatch and found one house fully involved with two exposures in immediate danger; both exposures were saved. L-111 was used to complete extinguishment. Captain Chris Allen served as Incident Commander. 

01/25/2014: FDMJ & WEMA responded to a working house fire on Lebanon Road (B Shift); 150 year old, balloon frame home. The house suffered extensive damage but multiple antiques and artifacts saved. The fire occurred on an unusually cold, windy and snowy night. Captain Chris Allen served as the Incident Commander.

07/10/2014: FDMJ & WEMA responded to a working house fire on Erin Lane (C Shift). E-104 found heavy fire on arrival. The fire occurred  in middle of the day with high heat and humidity. Chief Erron Kinney was the Incident Commander. 

08/20/2014: A severe thunder storm led to 18 calls in 4 hours; S-103 (career) and L-111 (volunteer) responded to calls throughout the city. E-104 (career and volunteer) and T-114 (volunteer) assisted WEMA with a working structure fire in WEMA Station 5's territory.

09/01/2014: FDMJ & WEMA responded to a working structure fire at the Providence Taco Bell. E-104, S-103, T-114 and L-111 quickly controlled the fire. T-114 complete extinguished of hidden fire in the roof assembly using master streams. Fire Chief Erron Kinney served as the Incident Commander. 

11/01/2014: FDMJ began operations at Station 3, making the facility a joint operation with WEMA

12/23/2014: A tractor-trailer carrying dense automotive materials burned overnight on I-40 overnight, shutting down the interstate for hours. WEMA E-31 pumped the fire while S-103, E-104 and WEMA E-51 shuttled water for hours; heavy equipment was used to complete overhaul. Shortly after crews cleared, a vehicle rolled over and landed on the fire debris where FDMJ personnel had been standing minutes before. FDMJ volunteers staffed L-111 and T-114 throughout the incident. 

12/31/2014: Chief Kinney resigns; Asst. Chief Luffman appointed interim fire chief and then FDMJ's second career chief.

  • 2015

  • 2016

05/11/2016: FDM& & WEMA responded to a working fire in an "L" shaped, strip shopping center. FDMJ S-103 found the facade of the building heavily involved in fire. FDMJ E-104, S-103, L-111 and T-114 were able to quickly bring the fire under control. The fire was caused by a lightening strike. Captain Steve Neible was the Incident Commander. 

07/01/2016: Captain Allen promoted to Deputy Chief of Operations

07/01/2016: Division Chief Donovan promoted to Assistant Chief of Training and Volunteers

August 2016: FDMJ awarded a SAFER Grant that funded the hiring of three additional full-time firefighters for two years. 

10/17/2016: FDMJ SAFER Grant funded firefighters begin work, bringing our paid staff to 24. 

10/21/2016: FDMJ was requested by WEMA for a working structure fire at 1056 Cedar Creek Village Drive in WEMA Station 4's area (A-Shift). FDMJ L-111 and E-104 responded with a total of 6 personnel. L-111 was used to complete extinguishment of a well involved residential dwelling. 

10/28/2016: FDMJ was requested by WEMA for a working structure fire on S. Posey Hill Road in WEMA Station 5's area (B-Shift). FDMJ C-102 and E-104 responded with a total of 5 personnel. FDMJ assisted WEMA with water supply and overhaul.

11/15/2016: FDMJ responded to a working structure fire on Sunnymeade Drive (C-Shift). FDMJ C-101, C-102, C-103, E-104, S-103, T-114 and L-111 responded and found a single story house well involved in fire. FDMJ conducted an aggressive fire attack and quickly extinguished the fire. WEMA M-51 and Rehab 23 responded for support. A total of 18 FDMJ personnel responded. 

11/29/2016 - 11/30/2016: FDMJ was requested to respond to Gatlinburg, TN, to assist with a major wildfire that took 14 lives and destroyed over 2000 buildings. FDMJ Ladder 111 responded with: Deputy Chief Chris Allen; Lt. David Combs; FF Guy Flowers; FF Evan Kaiser; FF Shave Vivrette; and FF Stephen Lee. 

12/02/2016: FDMJ was requested by WEMA for a working structure fire on S. Rutland Drive in WEMA Station 3's area (A-Shift). FDMJ C-101, C-102, C-103, E-104 and T-114 responded with a total of 10 personnel. FDMJ C-102 and E-104 arrived first as the fire was just south of the city limits. FDMJ assisted WEMA with fire attack and overhaul. 

12/16/2016: FDMJ held our third annual Christmas Party and Awards Ceremony. Our winners for 2016 were:

Crew Award for Cardiac Arrest Save: E-104C - Captain Steve Neible; Firefighter Joe Agent; Firefighter Will Tuggle
Chief's Awards: Captain Nick Ford; Firefighter Kenny Hudson; Fire Recruit Kade Fox

Full-time Officer of the Year: Lt. Jason Ross

Volunteer Officer- of the Year: Lt. Marshall McGough

Full-time Officer of the Year: FF Guy Flowers

Volunteer Firefighter of the Year: FF Shane Vivrette

12/29/2016: FDMJ was requested by WEMA for a working fire in the 9000 block of Saundersville Road in WEMA Station 4's area (C-Shift). C-101, C-102, C-103, Captain 1102, S-103, L-111 responded with a total of nine personnel. FDMJ assisted WEMA with a challenging fire in a historic log home that had been enlarged with a ballon frame construction addition. WEMA and FDMJ crews worked together to complete fire attack, overhaul and a water shuttle operation. 

  • 2017
01/07/2017: FDMJ responded to a working structure fire at 416 Parish Place (A-Shift). FDMJ C-101, C-102, Captain 1102, S-103, E-104, T-114 and L-111 responded and found a two story house well involved in fire. FDMJ conducted an aggressive fire attack using 4 landlines and controlled the fire. T-114 was used to extinguish inaccessible portions of the roof. WEMA M-31, Rehab 23, Mt. Juliet and Mt. Juliet Public works responded to assist. Frigid weather conditions made fire ground operations more challenging. A total of 20 FDMJ personnel responded.