1. Community Policing

    The Mt. Juliet Police Department Community Policing unit is charged with the responsibility of establishing positive communication and partnerships between the Mt. Juliet community and the police department.

  2. Citizen Police Academy

    The purpose of the Citizen Police Academy is to give people who live and/or work in the City of Mt. Juliet an opportunity to learn first-hand about the inner-workings of the Mt. Juliet Police Department.

  3. Police Explorers

    The Police Explorer program is under the sponsorship of the Mt. Juliet Police Department with the cooperation of the Exploring division of the Boy Scouts of America.

  4. Honor Guard

    The Mt. Juliet Police Honor Guard was formed in 2007 and it is designed to provide the Police Department with a specially trained ceremonial team to render honors and instill pride.

  5. Virtual Neighborhood Watch

    Virtual Neighborhood Watch is one of the best ways to prevent crime and help keep neighborhoods strong.

  6. Special Response Team

    The purpose of the Special Response team is to compliment the departments total service program by providing for the deployment and use of special weapons and tactics when necessary to contend with “unusual situations” that go beyond the scope of the patrol division.

  7. Safe Return Registry

    The Safe Return Registry is a community program for members of the vulnerable population community who work, live, go to school, or receive treatment within Mt. Juliet. This would include, but not be limited to, children or adults who suffer from Autism, Down syndrome, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s. The program is a voluntary registry that can provide pertinent and critical information regarding a loved one, which will aid law enforcement in identifying an individual should they wander from their place of residence and come in contact with an officer.