1. 2018 Mt. Juliet Special Census

    2017-18 Mt. Juliet Special Census

  2. Alarm Registration

    Register your alarm utilizing this online service.

  3. Municipal Code Violations

    Utilize this online form to report code violations.

  4. Police Officer Commendment

    If you observe an officer performing their duties in a manner that you think is exceptional, then we encourage you to tell us!

  5. Pothole Needing Repair

    Inform the city of a pothole needing repaired.

  6. Sidewalk Needing Repair

    If you see a sidewalk needing repaired, please notify the city using this online form.

  7. Solicitation Request

    Fill out the solicitation request application.

  8. Stray Animal Report

    Let the Animal Control Division know that you have found a stray animal.

  9. Traffic Signals / Sign Problems

    This form is used to communicate with city personnel to request services regarding street signage.

  10. ADA Compliance Concerns

    Use the information on this page to report a deficiency concerning the City of Mt. Juliet facilities or infrastructure

  11. Open Records Request

    Use the information on this page to submit an Open Records Request